Psycho Crazy Bitch

Being a Psycho Crazy Bitch is not cute

I was recently at a party and someone I met wanted some dating advice. She started off by saying she was a Psycho Crazy Bitch.  To which her girlfriend jumps in saying, “Oh yeah, she totally is. She is definitely a Psycho Crazy Bitch can you fix her?” Then they both laughed. Hold on, were they under the impression that being a Psycho Crazy Bitch was cute? Because it’s not, it’s really, really not.  Now I’m going to be honest here, I thought the Psycho Crazy Bitch was an urban legend.   Like mole people, hobbits or bridge trolls; characters that are fun to talk about because we know they are gross exaggerations of real people. I was sure that the Psycho Crazy Bitch was created by men who didn’t want to admit they “F-ed” up in a relationship. A caricature of this giant crazy eyed woman with wild hair, sharp nails, tattered clothes and obviously on her period. She’s constantly fuming with anger and always ready to bite the head off of any man. I’ve always hated this character, one, because she made women look bad, and two because statistically a “crazy” woman will scare you but a “crazy” man will kill you, and that’s far worse.  But the most important reason I hated this mythological creature feature is because it was always a go-to stereotype for every woman no matter her age, race or religion. Every woman on earth is believed to at least harbor their own Psycho Crazy Bitch and every man had to be sure they tried not to ignite it. Well, I would first like to point out this type of woman is real, rare, but real. I’ve met her and it’s the first time I’d ever actually been shocked. In all my years as a dating coach I would never have thought I would come across such a woman and especially find a woman who would actually call herself this verbal vomit of adjectives.  And just like that, in one evening, I encountered both. But I’m not sure which was worse, her being one, or her proudly announcing it like it was the next YouTube dance sensation.

So I was appalled, I had to find out why she would call herself this name in such a “matter of fact” way.  She said guys are always calling her crazy so she might as well act like she was. Really? Really? Is that a thing now? Someone calls you a name enough therefore you begin to “act” accordingly? What kind of mess? No, no, all wrong. Unacceptable and stupid. First, do not let someone else define you or dictate how and who you are supposed to be. Second, under no circumstance should you be proud to bare the image of a person who is irrational, illogical or suffering from an untreatable mental condition. This is not cute, not on fleek, not about that life and any other pop culture slang reference you can place here.  As I said earlier, this exaggerated referral to someone who makes bad romantic decisions as a Psycho Crazy Bitch is doing a disservice to all three words. Because if someone were to actually embody either the Psycho or the Crazy they would be Dextor. A serial killing sociopath. And the Bitch part, well, dam nit society, get of it. Everyone, and I mean everyone got some bitch in them, so move on from it being a label you have uniquely attached to women.

So can we put that to rest please? Calling women Psycho Crazy Bitch is ridiculous because unless she was featured on an episode of Snapped, she probably was just too much for you to handle. And for you women who have actually started calling yourself this name? I just have one thing to say to you. Being a Psycho Crazy Bitch is NOT CUTE!

About iknowhowtodate

Hi, I am Christian Cavaletti, a relationship and dating coach based in Los Angeles, California. I have a BA in Psychology, over ten years’ experience in advising people on dating as well as five years’ experience in advising on marriage. I enjoy writing, especially about personal dating experiences as well as dating observations brought to me by clients, friends, and sometimes strangers. I also think I'm funny.
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