App Dating tips…..For Men

App Dating Tips, Men listen up!

Full disclosure, this is going to be a little one sided. I recently joined a dating app recommended by a girlfriend. Within ten profiles something interesting started to stand out. Guys need a lot of help on what they should post to attract women. You might be lost so here’s a short break down of how this particular app works, at least from the straight female’s end. I point this out only because I have read that the options of reaching out change depending on the sexual preferences, gender and relationship goals. If you are a straight female looking for a straight male, here is the process. You connect to your Facebook account, I believe for authenticity purposes. You can then upload five pictures, your location, profession and occupation.  This exact same set up is available for men.  And here is where my advice based on my observation begins. If I was alone in this opinion I might leave it and assume that perhaps I’m just being picky but since me and the girlfriend that turned me on to this app have shared many laughs based on these observations I am lead to believe I may be on to something. The advice I am about to give is mainly for men, but the women reading this can let me know if they agree or not.


As explained, men have the same options for giving us a clue about themselves as we do. They can upload up to five pictures, they tell us their age, occupation and education. Knowing that this is limited in what you can share you would hope more thought would go into this. Some guys miss the boat completely. Here are just a few pieces of advice for the men.

  • When it comes to men over 40, pictures of you in your 20’s are irrelevant unless you have a time machine and can take us back to said heyday. I’m really not sure why we would be excited to see how great you used to look.
  • Pictures of you with giant fish are useless. Women have little to no appreciation for the effort involved in catching giant fish. There’s a reason there are never any women in those pictures with them.
  • It’s weird that you pet wild animals like lions and tigers. We don’t see that picture and think you’re brave or that maybe you’ll take us to the strange place that allows this. We just think, why?
  • Pictures with you and scantily clad dressed girls is not the picture you should have in your profile. It allows us to speculate the situation and that will never work in your favor.
  • Your bio is your one shot to say something cleaver, don’t waste it on being a douche
  • If you are accompanied by other men in every picture, we won’t know which one you are and we’ll be very upset if we guessed wrong.
  • Make sure all the pictures look similar in the face. If there is a rouge picture where you practically look like a different person, we’ll second guess which one you look most like. We might assume you look like the worst one.
  • Stating that you are very masculine, especially more than once, raises red flags. It sounds like at some point we will have a conversation about gender roles. In 2016
  • If all your pictures are out of focus, you might need glasses. Ask a friend
  • “Looking for a girl that’s up for adventure”. We don’t know what that means. So stop typing it.

As I said those were just a few of the most popular observations.  Men, I am not alone in this opinion. I have spoken to other women to see if perhaps I was missing something but it turned out you guys were the ones missing something. A clue about women. This has been your dating public service announcement.

About iknowhowtodate

Hi, I am Christian Cavaletti, a relationship and dating coach based in Los Angeles, California. I have a BA in Psychology, over ten years’ experience in advising people on dating as well as five years’ experience in advising on marriage. I enjoy writing, especially about personal dating experiences as well as dating observations brought to me by clients, friends, and sometimes strangers. I also think I'm funny.
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