Let me live

All too often people let someone in their life and then they just stop.  They stop working out, they stop eating healthy, they stop achieving. If a person in your life is keeping you from living the life you want, they need to go. I see so many people that have potential and make real efforts to be their best selves until their anchor comes along and puts a halt on everything.  But it isn’t always the newcomer’s fault. They may not even know they are a hindrance. Sometimes their mere presence is causing such a great distraction that nothing productive can get done. And that’s too bad because the new person in your life is an addition not a subtraction.   The new person in your life shouldn’t keep you from achieving your goals, they should help you get there faster. And if you know you are the type of person who is easily distracted by their relationships then you might need to wait until your goals are met before getting into anything serious.

About iknowhowtodate

Hi, I am Christian Cavaletti, a relationship and dating coach based in Los Angeles, California. I have a BA in Psychology, over ten years’ experience in advising people on dating as well as five years’ experience in advising on marriage. I enjoy writing, especially about personal dating experiences as well as dating observations brought to me by clients, friends, and sometimes strangers. I also think I'm funny.
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