Good for you

Just because someone is a great person doesn’t mean they are great for you. Holding on to someone that isn’t right for you is holding you back from meeting the person that is. I hear it all the time, women especially feeling really guilty for breaking up with someone that they know is a good person. They will even think something is wrong with them for not liking someone so great. But sometimes their greatness is better suited for someone else, and you’re not doing anyone a favor by staying around simply because you’d feel bad leaving. If you don’t want them you don’t want them. Do what’s best for everyone in this relationship and let it go.

About iknowhowtodate

Hi, I am Christian Cavaletti, a relationship and dating coach based in Los Angeles, California. I have a BA in Psychology, over ten years’ experience in advising people on dating as well as five years’ experience in advising on marriage. I enjoy writing, especially about personal dating experiences as well as dating observations brought to me by clients, friends, and sometimes strangers. I also think I'm funny.
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